Catalan Independence

An Oxonian Debate


20th Nov 2017



The Madariaga Series hosted a fascinating debate on the Catalan independence movement, featuring two top-notch scholars and public figures. On one side, Luis Garicano, Professor of Economics and Strategy at IE Business School and the head of the area of economy and employment within Spanish political party Ciudadanos, who spoke against the Catalan independence movement. On the other side, Gerard Padró i Miquel, Professor of Economics at London School of Economics, and prominent expert in development and political economy, who supported the Catalan independence agenda. Both speakers analyzed the past and present of the movement, and brought valuable insights and arguments to the table, showing that the topic can be addressed in an informed and respectful manner. The debate was moderated by Raphael Minder, Spain and Portugal correspondent for The New York Times.

The Madariaga Series would like to thank Prof. Garicano and Prof. Padró for sharing their views with us.