Sir John Elliott

Scotland and Catalonia: Past and Present


Thursday 23 February 2017



About the speaker: Sir John Elliott is a British historian, Regius Professor Emeritus at Oxford University and one of the world's most widely recognized experts in Early Modern Spain. He has published several award-winning books and received a number of distinctions, including the Prince of Asturias Prize for his contributions to the Social Sciences. 


About the event: Sir John Elliott compared the histories of the Catalan and Scottish separatist movements from the Middle Ages to today. The talk focused on a number of critical events and offered some suggestions as to why the trajectories of the two countries developed as they did. Sir John also explained that nations need myths to foster bounds among citizens. The risk is when these myths endanger neighbourhood relations. 


The Madariaga Series would like to thank Sir John Elliot for sharing the result of his research with us. We would also like to thank Magdalen College for hosting the lecture.