Ignacio Peyró

Josep Pla. The Catalan Anglophile


26th January 2018



About the speaker: Ignacio Peyró is the Director of the Cervantes Institute in London. Writer, journalist and translator, for several years he served at the Board of Directors of the EFE Agency, as opinion editor of The Objective, and as an advisor to the Spanish Prime Minister's office. He has authored numerous books, including La vista desde aquí  (2017), and Pompa y circunstancia. Diccionario sentimental de cultura inglesa, in which he brilliantly displays his scholarship and love for the British culture.

About the event: In this talk, Mr Peyró will analyse the work and the public personality of the Catalan writer Josep Pla, the most important figure of 20th century Catalan literature, author of a massive oeuvre, covering a plurality of literary genres, especially non-fiction ones. He was also a journalist, and his activities during the years of the Spanish Civil War and World War II are shrouded in mystery. His admiration and attraction to all things British is the aspect of this fascinating figure of Hispanic literature that Mr Peyró will pay special attention to in his presentation.