Joaquín Almunia

"1st Madariaga Lecture”

Tuesday 10th March 2015



About the speaker: Joaquín Almunia is currently a visiting professor at the London School of Economics. He was Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner responsible for competition until very recently (November 2014). Before that he was European Commissioner for economic and monetary affairs (2004 – 2009), leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and candidate for Spanish Prime Minister (2000), Minister of Public Administration of the Spanish Government (1986 – 1991) and Minister of Employment and Social Security (1982 – 1986) of the Spanish Government.


About the event:  Students, faculty and researchers from across the University of Oxford gathered at Christ Church’s Blue Boar Lecture Theatre to welcome Mr. Joaquín Almunia as the first speaker in the Madariaga Series. Mr. Almunia shared his impressions on the challenges that the European Union faces, particularly those pertaining to the need to narrow the existing gap between EU institutions and European citizens. After the lecture, attendees had the opportunity to engage with Mr. Almunia for an hour in a very enriching session of questions and answers. After the talk, Mr. Almunia joined a group of ten students for dinner at the Old Bursary in Exeter College.


The Madariaga Series would like to thank Mr. Almunia for accepting our invitation to be our inaugural speaker and for engaging so generously in discussions with attendees to his talk. We would also like to thank Exeter College, Christ Church, the European Studies Centre and the Oxford University Spanish Society for their support.