Juan Alario

Impact of climate change policies on the European energy industry


24 November 2016



About the speaker: Mr Juan Alario is a world leading expert in Energy and Energy Policies and the former Director at the European Investment Bank.

About the event: Mr Alario talked about the ‘Impact of climate change policies on the European energy industry’. According to him, the climate change policies will increasingly affect the profitability and growth of the different energy sectors, such as fossil fuels, renewable energy and network industries or the retail energy supply business. Mr Alario explained how the energy companies are refocusing their activities, taking into account these policies, and presented some recent examples from Spain and Germany, where electricity companies are executing a radical restructuring in order to spin off their power generation business based on fossil fuels and nuclear. Mr Alario also expressed his views on the future of the gas industry. He presented past developments and explored medium to long term scenarios, taking also into account factors other than climate change, such as energy prices. 

The Madariaga Series would like to thank Mr Alario for sharing his experiences and interesting views with us. We would also like to thank Magdalen College for hosting the lecture.