Juan Carlos Monedero

The Rise of Podemos and the Betrayal of Liberalism


Monday 13 February 2017

About the speaker: Juan Carlos Monedero is one of the most influential political scientist of Spain, a professor at Complutense University of Madrid, and the co-founder of ‘Podemos’. 


About the event: Prof. Juan Carlos Monedero lectured on how in the last century and taking advantage of every deep economic crisis the liberal tradition has been abandoning the democratic path. He enthusiastically explained how a couple of years ago a group of young Spanish professors, in view of that, decided to found a new political party in Spain: Podemos. Prof. Monedero, still closely linked to the current leaders of Podemos, claims that the main objective is taking back power from self-serving elites and handing it over to the people. 


The Madariaga Series would like to thank Prof. Monedero for sharing his experiences and interesting views with us. We would also like to thank The Queen's College for hosting the lecture.